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How to Contribute


PolyORB is primarily developed by Jerome Hugues, Thomas Vergnaud, Khaled Barbaria, Laurent Pautet (ENST Paris), and Thomas Quinot (AdaCore). Fabrice Kordon (LIP6-SRC) also participates in the project. Vadim Godunko regularly contributes by submitting patches.

The following people have also contributed to the project:

  • Nicolas Archambault, Fabien Azavant, Khaled Barbaria, Benjamin Bagland, Emmanuel Chavane, Karim Chine, Jean-Marie Cottin, Olivier Delalleau, Cyril Domercq, Michael Friess, Nicolas Fritsch, Jeremy Gibbons, Vadim Godunko, Jerome Guitton, Jerome Hugues, Mejdi Kaddour, Fabrice Kordon, Narinder Kumar, Laurent Kubler, Vincent Niebel, Pierre Palatin, Bertrand Paquet, Laurent Pautet, Sebastien Ponce, Jerome Roussel, Thomas Quinot, Nicolas Roche, Nicolas Setton, Frank Singhoff, Samuel Tardieu, Thomas Vergnaud, Florian Villoing, Guillaume Wisniewski, Bechir Zalila

Contributing to PolyORB

All contribution and feedback on this project are most welcome. You can contact PolyORB developers directly or through the mailing list

We'd like to add your name there, do not hesitate to contribute!

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